Objectives and actions

What Is Emergene Chir ?

Emergence Chir. is an association (law 1901) which gathers caregivers who, by their reflections and their exchanges advance the knowledge of their peers in the field of scientific news of the orthopedic, visceral, oncological, gynecological and ophthalmological surgery.

Emergence Chir is an association open to all, surgeons interested in maintaining its enthusiasm and make it live, but also to doctors (rheumatologists, re-educator, radiologist, oncologist …) and other caregivers (caregivers, nurses, caregivers) who participate in the management of these pathologies. The goal of Emergence Chir is to ensure the development and promotion of surgery.

Our goals

to gather around our practice, in the conviviality, welded around common interests; give the floor and listen to the collaborators participate actively in the training by exploring with all the technology that prepares us in surgery to improve the management of their pathologies. His actions are multiple:

Teach by congress organization (every 2 years in October). Facilitate exchanges between the youngest and the most experienced Share, compare and disseminate ideas

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